Montesquieu Winery has partnered with CNN Hero Doc Hendley, founder of the non-profit organization Wine to Water, and some of the top winemakers on earth in a quest to end the water crisis in the world. We proudly present our 4th wine in our Wine To Change The World Collection - Amazzi.

Our new project titled Wine Water Life kicks off with Tommy Town's Amazzi, where 20 % of the proceeds from a bottle will be used to dig and repair wells in Uganda, saving thousands of lives.

Hope you enjoy this lovely wine and on behalf of the thousands of people we aim to help through this project, thank you!

So far Montesquieu Winery has raised $207,000 to support Wine to Water. Our limited-run of Napa Valley magnums made by Bob Levy and Martha McClellan sold out in three days, raising over $122,000 to bring over 10,000 people clean water in the Dale, Ethiopia - eradicating thirst from that entire region!

Our Spirit

We are here to help and we couldn't do it without you. Today nearly 1 billion people in the world lack access to safe drinking water, and a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions is unfolding. Every day millions struggle for their very lives due to drought and contaminated water.

Our concept is simple by turning wine into water we help save tens of thousands of people worldwide. Follow us on Instagram